We are dedicated to the glorification of God using the art of dance.

  1. Our mission is to serve Him with all that we have, with our minds, our spirit, our body’s, by sharing an expression of His wonderful love for us all.

  2. Our mission is to bless all who come our way with God’s Grace and Love;

  3. Our dancers using the language of dance, in their lives.

  4. Our audiences, sharing God, offering hope.

  5. New dancers who wish to join our group.

  6. Our staff allowing us to expand our ministry to more audiences.

  7. about... Sonshine Theater Company (non profit 501 © 3)
    Sonshine Theater Company (STC) was founded in 1996 by Sonja Staines with the vision to promote full time Christian theatre and provide both training and performance opportunities for Christian performing artists. This calling led to the formation of Ballet Excelsior of Houston, in 2002 [a subsidiary of Sonshine Theater Company (501 © 3].

  8. about... Ballet Excelsior of Houston
    (a subsidiary of Sonshine Theater Company (501 © 3)
    Formed in 2003 and directed by Liza Pollok, along with Artistic Director, Sonja Staines. The company provides training, ministry and mission opportunities both within the U.S. and with international tours.

  9. Acceptance and placement is via application and audition.

  10. Ballet Excelsior consists of the following:

  11. company dancers
    Professional level dancers, minimum age is 18 years. Dancers are issued annual contracts. Training and rehearsal are provided and are a four day a week commitment. Company dancers are paid according to their individual contract. 

  12. apprentice dancers
    Apprentice opportunities are sometimes available for suitable dancers in training. This opportunity is for dancers who are committed to the company and are 17 years or older.  Dancers are issued an annual contract. Dancers have no rehearsal or performance expenses, however do have tuition costs. 

  13. trainee dancers
    Ballet Excelsior offers the opportunity to suitable student dancers to work with the company, often in their senior year of school. This opportunity gives them valuable experience regarding work with a dance company, and Christian missions and ministry. Dancers need to be 18 years or older. Dancers are issued an annual contract, and are required to commit to the full company training and rehearsals schedule. Dancers have no rehearsal or performance expenses, however do have tuition costs.

  14. STC also offers a paid program for eligible dance students.   

  15. Ballet Excelsior Trainee Program (BET)
    STC has recently introduced this paid program for students, to help bridge the gap between students and Ballet Excelsior. The purpose of BET is to provide more dance ministry opportunities for eligible dancers. Dance opportunities vary; however, each year have included a large Christmas show and Project Dance events in Houston and New York; on occasion, an overseas trip for a few of the senior BET dancers. Along with their extra performance experience, we pray that trainees will experience a deeper level of understanding of unity, commitment to a group, an understanding of their own calling, Christian ministry, and a ‘dance company’ experience. This program will help the dancer decide if dance is a good vocational choice for them.  Since its inception, graduates of the ESD training program, coupled with BET, have received outstanding dance college scholarships.  

  16. BET dancers attend required classes at ESD (3 ballet and one modern), and attend two hour rehearsal each week for BET performances. 

  17. about... Excelsior School of Dance
    Excelsior School of Dance provides the training classes required for Ballet Excelsior of Houston dancers. Excelsior School of Dance is owned and directed by Sonja Staines. The school, when possible, provides employment for company dancers; houses the company with rehearsal and office space; holds fundraiser's for Ballet Excelsior of Houston; provides and stores costumes and BE stage props.

  18. The Excelsior School of Dance and Performing Arts provides an opportunity for many of our advanced dancers to become a part of the work of our professional Christian ballet company, Ballet Excelsior of Houston.

  19. Excelsior School of Dance also offers thorough ballet, modern, Hip Hop and tap dancing for children from 3 years of age to adults at the pre-professional level. 

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